Laura Groenendijk is a master energy healer – I can recommend her highly! She totally changed the energy in my appartement on one online call. ❤️

Relinde Moors

There is such a motherly feeling with Laura that during the healing session I had I felt totally taken care of, cocooned. I could really let go into the healing with total trust. What I found particularly valuable is that at the end Laura shared what she felt like and asked what I felt, which I found very interesting that we could exchange on the experience from both sides.


My contact with Laura was very nice, warm and very natural. We not only called to get acquainted, but also later another time. So many (intense) things had happened that Laura suggested this. Very sweet of course. In this way she not only gave me the message that was meant for me, but she also gave me her sincere condolences and attention in the process towards it.
It was nice that Laura shared her own process with me. She gave context to the message she had received and as an aid to understanding all that, she recorded an extensive meditation for me.
I’ve already done this meditation several times, very nice!
Even after the reading, we maintained contact and I kept her informed. Thank you for all that to be possible 🙂

Laura Guides in 2 sentences:
Laura is warm, loving and incredibly helpful. How she helped me through a difficult phase was very nice. With a lot of attention and peace. What I needed.
Laura was serving without forgetting herself: She shares her message in such a form that it’s exactly what the other needs.

Marieke Hendriks – van der Vossen

I had a beautiful distance reiki and intuitive session with Laura. She was able to accurately sense what was going on for me and then afterward, recommend additional ways to feel better. She has a gentle, supportive, loving energy.

Melissa Holtz

Laura is a woman with beautiful qualities that she is unpacking 1 by 1 into the world! Laura did a reading for me that was SO striking! In my case she has  recorded the reading (she senses what is needed per reading) and every time I threatened to fall back into my old energy I just had to hear her voice message and I received the ‘answer’ which immediately calmed me down and I regained my confidence. Special how a voice alone can do this.
I also know Laura from our coach training and I really want to describe her as a calm, honest, clear-feeling woman who can very quickly and easily tune into and align with the energy of the other. Which means that she gives readings that are RIGHT ON THE SPOT ✨
Thank you dear Laura! I wish many people an experience with you as a person, your personality, your energy and your wonderful healing powers ❤️

Tess Fliers

Laura has done a reading for me that is very valuable to me. A clear message came through and I am very happy that Laura could do this for me. I like the way Laura knows how to explain it and immediately gave me (more) peace and confidence. She also gave me practical tips that I could apply instantly. It has already helped me a lot but this reading will undoubtedly bring me even more. Thank you very much Laura 😊.

Kevin van de Wetering