My Way, My Pace

Yesterday (july 4th 2019) I had another beautity of a workshop. I was a bit hesitant at first because I already know about healing energy but I needed it after all 😀 We worked with a crystal grid. I went for a double David’s star but I felt blocked. Kathryn Howarth noticed and suggested I worked from the blank page. There I could immediately feel the energy flowing. And I knew what to do.

The first one pictures exactly how I’ve been feeling about my work lately. Shattered, confused and restless. I saw everybody posting videos, photos and keeping the information flow going. I never want to post something just for the posting. I want to really feel it. And I Didn’t! Why? I still don’t completely understand. But I even got sick. So I had to do nothing. Was forced to. Men! And everywhere I’m seeing 111 and other signs.

I know I was looking at how they where doing it. And I should be looking at my way. And not just my way, also my pace. And that’s not easy I can tell you. But because I focus on the lack, on the noise in my head. I forget to really notice what I’m creating, I’m manifesting like crazy! And so so rapidly, it’s so cool!

The minute I turned the page with all the lines, I felt peace. I was creating from my heart and I could put the crystals where they where needed. Immediately I felt the strong connection with heaven and earth. Spirit and human. Non fysical and fysical. And I was clear. All the noise, uncertainty disappeared! I knew and felt I need to share from whitin. No more courses are needed right now before I can really start. No.

Like Tess Fliers said to me: you have it all inside you. Go shine!

Amazing how many times I need to be reminded of this. So I’m trying to create and paint and share on my blank space. Not looking at others. Just go! My way, my pace!

Are you also ready to go your way on your pace?

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